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BPB_isolated_1280Most Big People find our website because what they are really after is a better night of sleep … you know what they are really looking for? They are looking to not have to sleep in a hole -or- be forced to buy a mattress every 2 or 3 years just to have a good night’s sleep … and what they really want is to enjoy a mattress that will give them the same experience as any other person.

bpb_logo2501.jpgI am Bear Barnes and I am the Founder of BigPeopleBeds.com the #1 source for information about Big People Beds that truly make a difference in the lives of Big People.

As you know its not easy being Big … if you are like me you have to worry about what to wear … how to eat … and even where you sit … most of us Big People start to accept the world as an uncomfortable place … I am 6’ 3” and an ex-Division I college football player and at one point in my life I was almost 500 lbs … after stomach surgery I actually got down to 325 lbs. … but even so … lets face it I am never going to be little … stress free restaurants chairs, rental car seats that slide back far enough, or finding size 15 shoes for my feet … there will always be things that rarely accommodate my size … and unfortunately I can never control any of that … but when it came time to once again replace the crater of a mattress I was sleeping on … that’s where I had to draw the line.

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If you Google it … the average person replaces their mattress every 8 to 10 years … by year 2 -or- 3 if I wasn’t looking hard for my next mattress I was sleeping in a hole. I just wanted to buy a mattress that gave me the same experience as any other person … so I did a lot of research and … I found a partner that’s been manufacturing mattresses for over 80 years right here in the good ole USA … oddly enough they have been building custom beds designed from the ground up for Bariatric patients … so the R&D was already done … I was able to negotiate an arrangement for BigPeopleBeds.com to provide the benefits of a custom made mattress at a price that average Big People can afford.

So why should you buy your next mattress set from BigPeopleBeds.com? It’s simple. My goal is to help Big People just like me. BigPeopleBeds.com will change your life. Or…change the life of someone that matters to you

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